Shock & Awe, Highly Caffeinated Coffee...

by Matthew Robertson December 10, 2020

Shock & Awe, Highly Caffeinated Coffee... | Down The Range Coffee

Well here it is, the blend you have all been waiting for! 

Myself and Danny from 22 Smokin AceS put our heads together and decided it was about time we collaborated on a coffee blend that was highly caffeinated,(close to being illegal! ) rich in flavour and smooth enough to enjoy. This blend has been in the mix for a while now but with COVID and supply issues the delivery date has changed on several occasions, but not anymore, its here!

Danny is a self motivated phys monster who wakes up early doors, and when I say early doors, I mean early doors! 0300hrs daily he gets up and starts cracking his morning routine. With his military background and experience it has not come as a shock with some of his sessions. You only have to watch his video clips on Instagram to see the type of bloke he is: 22smokinaces_alphaelite_hq. If you want some sound, quality training advice on any functional movement, Danny is your man.

Shock & Awe - Well this blend is going to knock your socks off! We have spent a lot of time on this, trying to get this blend right. Trying to really think what our customers want at a reasonable price. With three single-original coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia, what more could you ask for. These three blends have been lightly roasted that releases oddles  of caffeine packed into a blend that is nothing but quality. 

Not only do you get a blend that incorporates three blends but you get the bean grown at a high altitude (1600+masl) which allows for maturity and a richer flavour. 

This blend is ideal for pre work outs, morning routine or if you just need a quick shake up in the afternoon, many hours have been spent perfecting this blend.

The team over at BeaverFit have also seen our dedication and perfection on this blend and have placed their stamp on it. They have supported us on this journey and allowed us to use one of their logos on the front of the packing 'Dam Strong Coffee'. BeaverFit and Down The Range Coffee have a lot in common:

We like keeping fit, We like quality, We are here to support other veterans but more importantly we like to look after our customers. Customer care and satisfaction is everything to us.

If you want a Badass blend, look no further! 


Matthew Robertson
Matthew Robertson


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