Never Stop Exploring (Formerly On Point Blend (Beans)

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You don't have to go to a Coffee shop to enjoy great coffee.  We provide the best coffee direct to your door! This bulletproof blend has a rounded flavour profile with hints of praline, caramel and chocolate with low acidity for the people who enjoy a reliable, smooth coffee.

We’ve developed this Arabica coffee without taking it too dark, to give you a low acid coffee with a good body and flavour without the bitterness, great both as espresso and cafetiere. If you like the outdoors and appreciate a coffee whilst out and about these beans work great in any coffee grinder.

  • Full bodied smooth rounded flavour to give you the edge.
  • Originated from Brazil for perfection.
  • resealable packaging to ensure freshness is kept.
  • Altitude – 1150- 1850 Masl that produces a fantastic flavour.

Our local roasters continue to produce smoother blends so your instant coffee can be a distant memory! Our Never Stop Exploring , created to highlight all that's smooth and sweet in a satisfying cup of coffee, currently comprised of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and Colombia.

We’ve developed the roast well without taking it too dark, to give good body and flavour without the bitterness, great both as espresso and cafetiere. 

This blend is also available on subscriptions allowing you to be belt fed coffee with no hassle and at an amazing price! Let us do the hard work!


Praline | Caramel | Chocolate

C. & S. America


Natural & Washed

ALTITUDE - 1150-1850 masl

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amazing taste and beautiful aroma

Such a good coffee, certainly kick starts my day.

Fantastic taste

Just brewed this newly delivered coffee and wow, my kitchen now smells of Coffee with some amazing Caramel undertones, the taste is second to none. I only drink Black Coffee and this certainly hits all the right tasting notes.

Kayleigh Thornton
Wonderful coffee

I really enjoyed this coffee, and will be ordering again

Sara Winslow
Great coffee

I made a promise to post a review when I tried this coffee. I bought beans and used them for an espresso. Great taste, great crema (and that's most important in a decent espresso) and great service! Thank you x