Ride or Die (Formerly Reveille Blend (Ground)

Down The Range Coffee

A coffee that is firmly ahead of the pack, Ride or Die delivers on flavour and strength without the bitterness.

  • High Caffeinated Coffee to get you motivated
  • South American grown for a maximum body
  • Packaging is 100% compostable to help save our planet
  • Altitude – 1000- 1900 Masl for an exceptional blend

We believe you should be able to enjoy great coffee anywhere you find yourself, with no waste. Our vision is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable packaging.

This blend of sweet coffees from South America has been mixed with a small amount of strong nutty flavoured beans from Vietnam to create a flavour profile for those who don’t like too much acidity in their coffee. It has tons of body, is sweet and clean and has a positive “real coffee like” kick.

We develop the roast to just before second crack to give the coffee maximum body. You’ll find it smooth, strong and when combined with milk the espresso becomes smooth and satisfying with a lot of chocolate and caramel notes.

Tasting Notes - Hazelnut | Liquorice | Dark chocolate

ORIGIN -S. America & Asia


PROCESS -P. Natural & Washed

ALTITUDE -1000-1900 masl

  • 15 mg (coffee spoon) of Coffee per 250ml
  • Pour freshly boiled water
  • Stir and allow to brew for 4/5 mins
  • Plunge slowly
  • Enjoy

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Quality stuff!

    Nice smooth brew. Lives up to the reveille name! Will buy again

    Allan Bray

    Nice brew better than most ive tried. Its a little bitter for me personally hence 4* the on point however is excellent perfect for me and if i could i would give 6*

    Hoofing Stuff!

    Yeah this Reveille blend is spot on! Just what you need in the morning. Will defo be buying again.

    Matthew Roberts
    Good morning coffee

    Very light, perhaps a touch too light for my tastes. Very mellow no bitterness but not much body. Need an espresso grind.

    Adam Peach
    Another Great Blend !!

    Really enjoy Reveille coffee Grounds another great blend of smooth rich coffee ☕️