Shock & Awe (Ground)

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Two Companies delivering one highly caffeinated coffee with three original flavours from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia.

  • Highly caffeinated coffee that sits above any other.
  • A smooth enjoyable blend.
  • Light roast giving you maximum caffeine. 
  • Altitude 1600+ Masl for an exceptional flavour

Down the Range Coffee and 22SmokingAceS have joined forces to bring you a highly caffeinated blend that will shock your taste buds! Giving you an outstanding blend at a fantastic price. You won’t find another coffee blend that taste as good as this! 

This blend of sweet coffee from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia has been lightly roasted and washed to allow for the correct amount of caffeine to be released. This blend has oodles of flavour and character, you will not be disappointed!

If you are after the 'real deal' this coffee is for you! A bean that has been grown at high altitude, allowing the texture to mature and then to be picked. This professionalism allows us to bring you quality coffee that your taste buds won’t forget! 

Tasting Notes - Smooth | Fruity | Light roast

ORIGIN -Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia


PROCESS -P. Natural & Washed

ALTITUDE -1600+ masl

  • 15 mg (coffee spoon) of Coffee per 250ml
  • Pour freshly boiled water
  • Stir and allow to brew for 4/5 mins
  • Plunge slowly
  • Enjoy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Doesn't disappoint

I've had a few of the different blends from DTRC and like them all, but if you're about to smash some Phys and want an extra kick up the arse...Have a mug off this 30mins prior and you'll be tearing the gym a new one.

Nice strong brew

Rich chocolatey aroma and a properly strong coffee. In awe; no shock.

Shock & Awe(some)

Smooth, well balanced flavour and super strong, the perfect way to start the day or ideal for a pre-workout kick!
Customer service is spot on, so friendly and efficient and the delivery was fast!
Great company, great people.

Strong & Smooth

My favourite caffeine kick. For a strong coffee it is so smooth tasting without the grittiness that is often present in full strength coffee’s.

Shock & Awe

Absolutely toppers! Will certainly be purchasing more in the coming weeks.